Power Module

Adopting electron-beam welding technology to guarantee the high precision of joint.


Owning thick copper connector, long-term stability and low inductance.

Current Sensing in Hybrid Power

Load stability to 0.1%, mounted to copper board by reflow soldering or electrode welding.

Large Current Automotive Application

Using high-quality MnCu alloy or FeCrAl alloy.

Precision Shunt Resistors

Shunt Resistor MMS59104

Current Shunt Resistor MMS8420

High Power / High Precision / Low Ohm

Using the technology of electron beam welding, low ohm, high current density


Metal Alloy Current Sensing Shunt MMS5720

High Power / Micro-Ohm Resistor / High Rated Current

High Power Metal Alloy current sense resistor Very low inductance (0.5nH to 5nH)

Shunt Resistor LMS

MnCu High Precision Shunt Resistor LMS

MnCu Precision Resistor / Low EMF / 1A~500A

High precision shunt resistor LMS, 1A~500A, 50mV~100mV


FL-2 Type Customized Shunt Resistors

Tolerance: level 0.5 / 1A-15000A /

Secondary voltage: 20mV, 30mV, 50mV, 60mV, 75mV, 100mV, 150mV etc., 75mV is the regular one.


Microhm Electronics

Globally, Microhm takes the leading role as a supplier for the low-impedance and high-precision resistors of either simple design or heavily-loadable power to satisfy the highest demands.With the capability of cutting-edge designs and the use of high-grade materials, we have successfully developed the components with the small temperature coefficients, low thermoelectric voltage, long-term stability, low inductance, and high (pulse-) loadability to fulfill the essential requirements of the precision resistors.